About us

We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving the life of unborn fetuses. The event will help raise funds for ultrasound equipment and support for pregnancy center in the Diocese of Orlando.

In our first year, this event raised over $34,000 which was enough money to purchase two ultrasound machines with matching funds. Both machines were installed in the Orlando area. In the second year, we raised over $85,000 and bought 5 ultrasound machines with matching funds. We placed the machines in three different facilities in the Central Florida area. 

Having the ultrasound machines is a vital part of the pregnancy process and the work that these centers do. Each pregnancy center offers training and support to a wide range of individuals seeking help with their pregnancy. In addition to ultrasounds, these centers provide supplies and inform mothers of the programs that offers assistance. Many regard these centers as the first line of defense for the unborn in our community. Ultrasounds provides expectant mothers to see their child in its early stages of development. About 78% of women who are considering abortion and who have had an ultrasound decide to keep their babies.